Addis ababa city Roads authority vacancy announcement

Addis ababa city Roads authority
Addis ababa city Roads authority

Addis ababa city Roads authority

Vacancy announcement

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority wants to recruit employees for the following vacant positions and contract them for various projects.

Total reguired: 391 positions

Experiance: differ

Work place: Addis Ababa


The history of road construction in Addis Ababa city begins with the establishment of the capital city. Our city was founded in 1879 during the reign of King Menlik II of Ethiopia.

History tells us that it was founded at the initiative of the Empress Dowager.

The empress came down from the mountain when they saw cotton-like dust blowing up from the southern side of their warm palace. The heat of the water from Finfine hot spring, called Finfine, captivated their souls, and they began to build a house after receiving the king’s favor. The nobles who camped around followed the king. Warlords and their armies; By establishing residences for various experts and foreign envoys; from one house to another; It has been widely reported that the construction of the road has received attention at the same time as there is a need for a road for movement from one settlement to the other, both on foot and by animals.

Especially around 1894, the construction of the first road that can be called modern to bring the distance from Addisalem Palace to Menlik Palace in Addis Ababa is a major demonstration of the attention paid to the development of the sector.


Detail on job from roads authority

Hiring organization: Addis ababa city Roads authority

Total reguired: 391 positions

Experiance: differ

Work place: Addis Ababa

Date of announcement: October 14-2023

Deadline: after 5 consecutive date of announcement.

How to apply: Applicants can register by bringing the original education, work experience and Kebele ID along with a non-returnable photocopy to the office of the authority’s head office at Sarbet during working hours on five consecutive working days from the date of publication of this notice in the newspaper.

Work Experience: For all positions, the required work must be directly performed and taxed.

Place of work: – In the main office, in the branches and projects located in Addis Ababa.


Vacancy from AACARA
Addis ababa city Roads authority vacancy page 1
Addis ababa city Roads authority vacancy page 2

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