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Vacancy announcement from Assosa university

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Assosa university vacancy announcement

Vacancy detail

Position required: 45

Work place: Assosa university

Deadline: 10 consecutive working days from date of announcement

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About The University

Assosa University (ASU) is one of the third generations Public Universities in Ethiopia, which was established in May2011 by the Council of Ministers decree number 215/2011.The corner stone was laid on May 4, 2009.


The objective of ASU is to produce highly qualified and dedicated man power, to conduct research and to provide community service. It is also engaging in various developmental activities to achieve the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan.


The University is located in Assosa town which is the capitalcity of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State. The town is strategic place for numerous social, political and economic activities. It is locatedat a distance of 660 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, 210kilometers south of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam/GERD/ and 96 km East of the Ethio-Sudanese border.


Assosa university

Positions required

Assosa University is seeking to recruit teachers for the following positions —

  1. MSc in GIS & remote sensing Geoinformatics. Or BSc in GIS
  2.  PhD/MA/MSc in Human Geography
  3. PhD in Geographic Information System (GIS) with MA/MSc in GIS & BA/BSc in GES OMA/MSc in GIS with BA/BSc in GES
  4. MA/MSc in CES/GIS with the technical Skills mentioned in academic hackground colum
  5. Master of Business Administration
  6. Veterinary public health Assistant professer & above
  7. Msc in Medical physiology
  8. PhD As Prof in GMPH or RH
  9. Ms MP in Environmental Health or GMPH
  10. GP
  11.  Mse in Medical Biochemistry
  12. Msc in Medical Microbiology Be in MLS
  13. Msc in Clinical chemistry/se in MLS
  14. Msc in immunoHematology and Bsc in MLS
  15. Msc in Immunology and Molecular Biology Bac in MLS
  16. Mic in Medical parasitology or Bin MLS
  17. Msc in Medicinal chemistry or Bsc Pharmacy
  18. Msc in pharmaceutical Analysis & for QA/Bsc in Pharmacy
  19. Ms in clinical pharmacy Bsc in pharmacy
  20. Msc in Pharmacology /BSC in Pharmacy
  21. Laboratory Assistance ( bsc Pharmacy )
  22. Msc in psychiatry
  23. Bsc in survey Engineering
  24. Bsc in water Resource And Irrigation Engineering
  25. Bsc in Information Technology and Bsc in Computer science
Assosa university
Vacancy from Assosa university
Assosa university



A Graduate Assistant

✓ CGPA/should be 3.25 and above for Male

✓ CGPA should be 3.00 and above for Female

✓ CGPA should be 2.75 and above for disabled applicants

✓ CGPA should be 2.75 and above for emerging region applicants

✓ All candidates should be from recognized university in the program

Dissertation (B+ Very good) or equivalent

Registration Location:-

You can register in person at Asosa University Human Resources Management and Development Directorate Office No. 3.

2. Postal Sat. Number 8

3. Our email address for applicants registering by email

4. They have to submit a non-returnable photocopy of their proof of education and work experience as well as a personal statement (CV) along with the application.

5. Applicants who send their educational credentials by mail or email to register should write the type of school they are enrolling in and their specialization and serial number on their credentials.

6. The exam date will be announced in an internal announcement and the exam venue will be Asosa University Campus.

7. Female applicants are encouraged.

8. For more information, contact the school number—251572758960. Note: For health candidates, if you have graduated since 2018, you can provide proof that you have passed the professional certification assessment test.


For 2015 graduates who can provide proof of passing the exit exam.

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