EFDRE Defence force north west division vacancy announcement

Vacancy announcement for 362 positions


History and strength of the Ethiopian Defence force


The size of the ENDF has fluctuated significantly since the end of the Ethiopia-Eritrea war in 2000. In 2002 the Ethiopian Defense Forces had a strength of approximately 250,000-350,000 troops This was roughly the same number maintained during the Derg regime that fell to the rebel forces in 1991. However, that number was later reduced, and in January 2007, during the War in Somalia, Ethiopian forces were said to comprise about 300,000 troops. In 2012, the IISS estimated that the ground forces had 135,000 personnel and the air force 3,000.

As of 2012, the ENDF consists of two separate branches: the Ground Forces and the Ethiopian Air Force. Ethiopia has several defense industrial organizations that produce and overhaul different weapons systems. Most of these were built under the Derg regime which planned a large military industrial complex. The ENDF relies on voluntary military service of people above 18 years of age. Although there is no compulsory military service, armed forces may conduct call-ups when necessary and compliance is compulsory.

Modern day Ethiopia, being a landlocked country, has no active navy. Ethiopia reacquired a coastline on the Red Sea in 1950 and created the Ethiopian Navy in 1955. Eritrean independence in 1991 left Ethiopia landlocked again, but the Ethiopian Navy continued to operate from foreign ports until it finally was disbanded in 1996.

Vacancy details

Organization FDRE defence force health department

Vacancy contract

Work place East gojam, Amhara, Ethiopia

Vacancy type contract


  • 1 Internist
  • 1 Surgion
  • 1 OBS GYN
  • 1 Radiologist
  • 12 GP
  • 10 Health officer
  • 60 Bsc Nurse
  • 70 Cleaner
  • 70 Hospital Traditional servant
  • 20 Laundary
  • 35 Patient Supporter
  • 35 Daily labourer
  • 15 Chiefs
  • 15 Injera baker
  • 20 Boucherer
  • 6 Post mortum care

Date of announcement 25/01/2015 EC

Date of deadline not specified

How to apply in person at Mekod

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  1. Zerihun Mathewos Avatar
    Zerihun Mathewos

    Health Officer

    1. Fasil Mebratu Avatar

      Im BSc Nursing
      Fasil mebratu

    2. Sofonias gashaw eshete Avatar
      Sofonias gashaw eshete

      I’m Bsc nurse and i’m graduated from aksum university and CGPA 3.31

      1. Sofonias gashaw eshete Avatar
        Sofonias gashaw eshete

        I’m Bsc nurse and I’m graduated from aksum university and CGPA 3.31. Phone-0919361382

  2. Getahun Dergasso Avatar

    I am Bsc nurse

  3. Abdurohman Hussen Ahmed Avatar
    Abdurohman Hussen Ahmed

    I am public health officer
    Phon no. 0972470004

    1. Biruktawit kassaye yimer Avatar
      Biruktawit kassaye yimer

      I’m Bsc nurse..0967687069

  4. Alemayehu feleke Avatar

    I am BSC nurse,graduated Bahir dar university.
    Phone no:0922274483

    1. ኢሳያስ ሞላ Bsc nurse 0945539909 Avatar
      ኢሳያስ ሞላ Bsc nurse 0945539909

      I,m Bsc nurseing graduat at DTU univrsty

  5. Tesfahun Avatar

    I’m BSC nursing
    Phone no-0907211739

  6. wendosen tesfaw Avatar

    wendosen tesfaw mengstu
    BsC nurse
    GPA 3.22

  7. wendosen tesfaw Avatar

    wendosen tesfaw mengstu
    BsC nurse
    GPA 3.22

  8. Segnilemma19@gmail.com Avatar

    I am public health officer. Phone no 0953691350

  9. Achamyeleh fenta Avatar
    Achamyeleh fenta

    Yemsriya betun silk kalachihu laku please

  10. Fikadu balango bassa Avatar
    Fikadu balango bassa

    I am public health progression.
    Contact: 0926043440

  11. Tesfaye Abraraw Wale Avatar
    Tesfaye Abraraw Wale

    I am BSC Nurse

  12. Fikre woyza Avatar

    I’m Ho and I have experience in health center for 7 years and also I have license.contact me 0912335823/0916481130

  13. Amsalu Getnet Avatar
    Amsalu Getnet

    I’m bsc nursing graduated GAMBY MEDICAL COLLEGE Bahir dar camps
    Phone number 0924361801

  14. Dejen wondimu mulat Avatar

    Type here..I am pubilc health officer
    or Ho

  15. Biruk Markos Avatar
    Biruk Markos

    I am BSC Nurse
    Phon no. 0906550461

  16. Ketema kebe Avatar

    I am graduated for BSc of public health in 2022

  17. hayat Avatar

    I am health officer

  18. Mesfin Matsalo Avatar
    Mesfin Matsalo

    Bsc nurse

  19. Wogayehu worku Avatar
    Wogayehu worku

    BSC Nurse
    Phone 0977439789

  20. Abebe Wagari Bulto Avatar
    Abebe Wagari Bulto

    Iam public health officers rearguards from tropical collage of medicine

  21. Mulugeta Alehegn Avatar

    I’m public health offere

  22. Asmamaw Meselu Muchw Avatar
    Asmamaw Meselu Muchw

    I am Bsc nurse

  23. Asmamaw Meselu Muche Avatar
    Asmamaw Meselu Muche

    I am Bsc nurse

  24. Andualem mihret Avatar
    Andualem mihret

    Health officer

  25. Markos Melese Fota Avatar
    Markos Melese Fota

    Markos Melese Fota .Iam HO.call me at 0938244089

  26. Kidist teteka Avatar
    Kidist teteka

    Bsc nurse

  27. Muluset Misganaw Avatar
    Muluset Misganaw

    I am BSc nurse please call me

  28. Belay Belete Avatar
    Belay Belete

    I am Bsc Nurse
    Phone No 0947876554

  29. Alemu Avatar

    Bsc nurse 0923089834

  30. Kelemu Avatar

    My Name is Kelemu yeshambel Gebeyehu
    Bsc Nurse
    I am Interest

  31. Kelemu Avatar

    My Name is Kelemu yeshambel Gebeyehu
    Bsc Nurse
    I am Interest
    Phone No 0921286703

  32. Hawi alemu Avatar
    Hawi alemu

    I am health officer

  33. Teddy Avatar

    Bsc anesthesia professional.phone 0920250938

  34. zerabiruk alemu Avatar
    zerabiruk alemu

    zerabiruk alemu {nurse bsc} pno/ 0922088440

  35. Dedtaalem halefom Avatar

    I am a pho graduated in 2014 e.c in samera uu by 3.33 is am a female

  36. Dedtaalem halefom Avatar

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  37. Banchayehu Avatar

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  38. Abebe Arega Avatar

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  39. Azmeraw Ayalew Avatar

    Im BSC in Nursing and have >7years experiance.Im interested to do with you.

  40. Hiwot Kebede Avatar
    Hiwot Kebede

    How to apply ?

  41. Hiwot Kebede Avatar
    Hiwot Kebede

    How to apply ?
    BSC public health

  42. Endalew Tamirat Tariku Avatar
    Endalew Tamirat Tariku

    I’m Ho Call me 0909668004

  43. Abera Tolesa Avatar

    I am BSC nurse call me 0905596845

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