NIMEI 2022 Announcement for NIMEI schools

Announcement for eligible candidates interested to join NIMEI schools

Notice for eligible candidates interested to join New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) schools administered by Ministry of Health

Ministry of health has delegated Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) to administer the National New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) Entrance exam based on to the New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) curriculum Admission Policy.

The registration as well as dissemination of results will be online, on the official pages of Ministry of Health official website and Facebook page; and SPHMMC official website, Facebook page and Telegram. Paper based or face to face application is not available.

I. Applicants who fulfill the following requirements are invited to register for the 2015EC academic year New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) entrance examination. Bachelor’s degree in Health sciences; Biology and Chemistry

A. Cumulative GPA at BSc. graduation shall be 2.75 for female applicants and 3.0 for male applicants

B. Cumulative GPA for applicants from emerging regions shall be 2.75 for male applicants and 2.50 for female


C. At least 2years of service after graduation

D. Age not more than 35 years

E. Two recommendation letters

F. Sponsorship letter from government institutions

G. List of emerging regions with quota of candidates from each area:

Afar ( )

Borena zone ( )

Benshágnul Gumz ( )

Gabmbella ( )

Somali ( )

South Omo zone ( )

Wagehmira Zone ( )

West Omo Zone ( )

II. Selection Criteria:

Selection of applicants to the New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) program includes the following criteria. The total grade break down is indicated below.

A. Written examination (60%)

All eligible candidates will sit for the written exam.

The examination will have 100 multiple choice aptitude questions. (Situational judgment, Visual reasoning, Spatial reasoning, Numeric reasoning, Verbal reasoning)

B. Structured interview (30%)

Top 260 candidates from the written entrance exam will be selected to sit for the interview

(The number of candidates that will be selected to sit for the interview will be 2X the available spots in the schools.)

C. For those who passed the written and interview exams

Document review, community service, and government service will have 10% weight

To encourage female candidates, female candidates from all regions will be award additional 5%



The registration is only online

To proceed with the registration, pay Birr 200.00 registration fee using CBE account number 1000006577192 St.PAUL GEN.SPECILIZED HOS.HI

There are two major categories, Emerging regions, and non-emerging region. Within the emerging region, you can find their list as mentioned in Section I.G

Select only one of the entries that suit you. Multiple entries (more than one entry) will disqualify your registration.

Inappropriate entries into emerging region without valid support letter that clearly states you are currently working in the emerging zone/ Region will disqualify your registration

If your registration fails due to internet connection problem or any other incident, you can start your registration from the beginning or if it is saved continue from where you have stopped

Incomplete registrations will be invalid and disqualify your registration.

Upload all documents in PDF or jpg format. Documents to be uploaded are BSc. degree, Student copy, sponsorship letter, government issued ID or birth certificate, recommendation letter which verify years of experience, registration fee bank slip/advice.

For applicants from an emerging region/zone, a letter of verification that you are currently working in the region /zone should be attached.

Make sure your registration is successful and print out or save the registration confirmation page


The total number of students to be accepted is 130 out of which 15% will be from emerging regions.

The capacity of schools for the 2015 EC academic year is Adama Hospital medical college 50, Yirgalem Hospital Medical College 40, and Yekatit Hospital Medical College 40.

Date for registration:

Starts on Tikemt 4, 2015 and Ends on Tikemt 18, 2015 Ethiopian calendar.

Date of examination:

Written exam for all registered candidates will be on Tikemt 20, 2015 Ethiopian Calendar.

  • The interview date will be on Tikemt 22, 2015 Ethiopian Calendar.                                                                                                                                                                                                         All candidates must come with valid government issued ID to sit for the exam.

Appeal process

Appeal dates will be only on the indicated dates. Any appeal after the stated dated will not be accepted.

Written Examination: Tikemt 21, 2015 Ethiopian Calendar

Structured Interview exam: Tikemt 23,2015

To start the appeal processes, the following conditions should be fulfilled

Legal ID of the applicant or legal delegation document from government authorities is a prerequisite to conduct the appeal process.

A person who has an appeal should first pay Birr 200 on the following CBE Bank Account 1000006577192 St. PAUL GEN.SPECILIZED HOS.HI

A signed written request letter to check the exam result attached with the bank deposit slip must be presented by the applicant at SPHMMC Academic and Research Vice Provost Office, in person.

Click on the link and follow instructions to start your registration

Press this link

Or via

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