Teklehaymanot general hospital vacancy

 Teklehaymanot General hospital

Teklehaymanot general Hospital
Teklehaymanot general Hospital

About Teklehaymanot General Hospital

Teklehaimanot General Hospital is a patient-centered private hospital in the center of Addis Ababa that provides trusted multi-disciplinary medical services. With a focus on quality and customer care, it has a distinctive, compassionate, and honest approach to serving the need of all patients.


Devised with experienced and compassionate medical staff, TGH is a health coach and medical partner to cater to all medical care needs. “An earnest deed is worth more than silver and gold” so fairness in price, quality, and flexibility creates a shelter for hope and recovery.


So we want to hire the following professionals in our Hospital.



1. For Dialysis Head Nurse-

  • B.S.c Degree in Nursing with 5 Years and above with work experience 3 years as dialysis head Nurse

2. For Scrub Nurse

  • B.S.c Degree in Nursing with 2 Years and Above

3. For NICU Nurse

  • – B.S.c Degree in Nursing with 2 years and above In Neonatal ICU

4. For ICU Nurse –

  • B.S.c Degree in Nursing with 2 Years and above in ICU

How To Apply:

Please submit your Cvs& copies of other documents to HR department, office No 500/5th Floor or Email:- tgh.hrm@gmail.com


Application Time:-November 1, 2023 to November 7, 2023


Tele No. 8175/+251940333333


Address:- Piassa, Sumale Tera, Infron of Global Insurance Building.

Posted: 11.01.2023


Deadline: 11.07.2023

Employment: Full time


For all positions as per the Hospital salary Scale

Location: Addis Ababa


More detail at ethiojobs

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8 responses to “Teklehaymanot general hospital vacancy”

  1. Areif Mohammed Esa Avatar

    My name is Areif Mohammed Esa
    Nursing professional
    Graduation 2022

  2. mesele bekele Avatar

    turunesh Beijing general hospital

  3. mesele bekele Avatar

    operating theatre nurse
    scrub nurse OR nurse
    experience more then 3 years

  4. Sisay Avatar

    B s c nursing

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