Unicare medical services plc vacancy announcement

Vacancy announcement from Unicare medical services plc

About unicare


At Unicare, we strive to provide high quality health care to the community we serve. Our goal is to provide easily accessible, comprehensive, and affordable medical care to every family member, while reducing visits to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. Our mission is to be a community health care organization that treats everyone with dignity, respect and cultural sensitivity to help create an environment in which all can prosper.

Vacancy detail

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Positions required

  1. General practitioner 1
  2. Health officer 1
  3. Bsc Nurse   3
  4. Bsc midwive 1
  5. Diploma midwife 1
  6. Clinical nurse 5
  7. Anesthetic 1
  8. Radiographer 2
  9. Bsc Lab technician 1
  10. Diploma lab technician 2
  11. Pharmacist 2
  12. Drugist 2
  13. Cleaner 8
  14. Patient supporter 4
  15. Maintenance 2
  16. Cashier 2
  17. Porter 4
  18. Finance officer 1
  19. Cash register 2
  20. Human resource officer 1
  21. Security officer 8
  22. Gardner 1
  23. Secretary 1

Experiance 0 – 2years


Salary with agreement

Work place hawassa

How to apply

For seven consecutive days of working days from date of announcement



  • Educational documents
  • COC certeficate
  • Application letter

Apply in person at HRM Office 05,

For more information call at phone






60 responses to “Unicare medical services plc vacancy announcement”

  1. workalem destaw mekonen Avatar
    workalem destaw mekonen

    can i register through online

  2. Teklebrhan Tsegay welmariam Avatar

    Teklebrhan Tsegay iam Health Officer
    Phon Number 0921715974

  3. Abera Tolesa Avatar

    Abera Tolesaa Tena
    BSC nures

  4. Abera Tolesa Avatar

    Abera Tolesaa Tena
    BSC nures call me 0905596845

  5. Abera Tolesa Avatar

    Abera Tolesaa Tena
    BSC nures phone number 0905596845

  6. Samuel mokonen Avatar
    Samuel mokonen

    I’m drugst 0914250987

  7. Fasil Kifilu Avatar
    Fasil Kifilu

    Diploma Lab Technician

    1. Fasil Kifilu Avatar
      Fasil Kifilu


  8. Girma Bikale Avatar
    Girma Bikale

    Am Girma
    Am Radiographer with 2 years experience
    And contact +25192740064
    Or bikalegirma@gmail.com

  9. Minyechil limeneh Avatar
    Minyechil limeneh

    Minyechil limeneh
    Minyechil limeneh i am clinical nurse and 10 years experiance
    Phone number 0946461642

  10. Atnafu Berhe Avatar
    Atnafu Berhe

    Atnafu Berhe diploma laboratory
    contact 0939070609

  11. Anwar Hussen Avatar

    I am Bsc Nurse
    Phone No 0928669536

    1. Lelisa Merga Avatar
      Lelisa Merga

      I’m Bsc Nurse

  12. Desalegn yitayh Avatar
    Desalegn yitayh

    Desalegn yitayh am General practitioner

  13. Abrehma Avatar

    Abreham Getaneh tsegaye
    Bsc medical Laboratory Technologist

  14. Abreham Getaneh tsegaye Avatar
    Abreham Getaneh tsegaye

    Abreham Getaneh tsegaye
    Bsc Medical Laboratory technologist
    Phone number+251991689534

  15. Fikadu Berkit Avatar

    I am Fikadu Berkit phone number 0912290844

  16. Fikadu Bereket Avatar

    I aam Fikadu Berkit phone number 0912290844i am Ho

  17. Rahel Demelash Avatar
    Rahel Demelash

    Rahel Demelash
    Bsc Nurse
    Phone No 0920447599

  18. Fantahun Wakjira Avatar
    Fantahun Wakjira

    I am laboratory technician and I have 2.9/12 experaince
    phone n͟o 0912956386

  19. Mahlet Mulualem Avatar
    Mahlet Mulualem

    My name is mahlet mulualem I have bsc midwife nurse
    Experience zero I have coc license

  20. mulu desale Avatar
    mulu desale

    mulu desale tesema sex female BSC midwifery phone 0902712413

  21. Kenesa Merga Avatar

    I’m Bsc nursing in degree program with 3.7GPA and I have experience for 6year and I’m confidence for heath care job,please call us 0925264385


    My name is Tadesse meseret
    I am Ho
    I have coc
    Your Gmail ;tadyemeseret3@gmail.com
    For other infor…call you…0930512191

  23. Fikadie yeshiwondm Avatar
    Fikadie yeshiwondm

    Medical laboratory technologist

  24. Nolawit Akalu Avatar
    Nolawit Akalu

    Nolawit Akalu
    BSc Medical laboratory science

  25. Fikadie yeshiwondm Avatar
    Fikadie yeshiwondm

    Fikadie yeshiwondm Bsc laboratory phone no 0906401662

  26. Yawukal fenta Avatar
    Yawukal fenta

    Surgical nursing professional graduated from university of Gondar
    Phone no 0949994752

  27. Alemayehu feleke Avatar

    I am bsc nurse more thane 17 months of experience,graduated in bahir dar university.
    Phone no:0922274483

    1. Faye Tariku Avatar

      Faye tariku BSc nursing
      Phone number

  28. Markos Melese Fota Avatar
    Markos Melese Fota

    Markos Melese.Iam health officer. Phone number:0938244089

  29. Debisa Adugna Avatar
    Debisa Adugna

    Pharmacist (BSC)

  30. Abdureman Zinab Avatar
    Abdureman Zinab

    I’m a clinical nurse
    Phone number:0941964211

  31. Sara Bekele Avatar
    Sara Bekele

    Bsc Nursing
    P.No 0949021964

  32. Worknesh Erestu Avatar
    Worknesh Erestu

    My name is worknesh Erestu .
    I’am Health officer
    Pls contact me 0963156609

  33. Temegen Desta moloro Avatar

    I am midwive l am interested to work with you my phone no 0912759811

  34. Tinsae Tesfaye Avatar
    Tinsae Tesfaye

    I’m a clinical Pharmacist BSC

  35. Endale Abiso Avatar

    Am Endale Abiso Senior pharmacist

  36. Endale Abiso Avatar

    Senior pharmacist 0901058080/0912363760

  37. Fayisa Avatar

    Bsc mw exp.4

  38. Fayisa Ambaye Avatar

    Hi I want to inform about job vacancy

  39. Chala Teha Mohammed Avatar

    Type here..bsc nursing

  40. Abdi Sirnesa Kenea Avatar
    Abdi Sirnesa Kenea

    Hi iam health profesion and ineed to work my profesion in this place and i have 4years work experience in BscNurse
    Myphone number is 0948240142

  41. Anwar Endris Avatar
    Anwar Endris

    anwar endris Bsc nursing
    Phone number

  42. JEMAL AHMED Avatar

    bsc medical laboratory

  43. JEMAL AHMED Avatar

    Phone number
    0914460457 call me

  44. Zemene Embiale Avatar

    Bsc nurse

  45. Maleda Avatar

    Maleda Gezahegn
    Bsc Nurse and 2yrs Experience

    1. Maleda Avatar


  46. Minyechil limeneh Avatar
    Minyechil limeneh

    minyechil limeneh
    Clinical nurse
    10 years experiance
    Phon no 0946461642

  47. Tigist G/wold Avatar
    Tigist G/wold

    I’m a public health graduate of 2022 from sante medical college CGP 3.15
    Contact 0926718850

  48. Hiwot Avatar

    I am clinical nursi 3 years experience

  49. Mamo Barsha Galgalu Avatar

    I am clinical nurse 6 year’s experience

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